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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  February 6, 2012 3:00pm-4:00pm PST

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tr a queen, that's true. >> and the good news she's the queen and the bad news is, well, never mind. (laughter) >> that's the five. >> and bye everybody. >> bye. chaos in syria, the u.s. and allies try to figure out what to do as the killing there continues. this is special report. >> good evening, i'm bret baier, the west is raising the stakes and burning up the pressure on syria's embattled leadership tonight. the u.s. closed its embassy in damascus and great britain recalls its ambassadors, but the senior white house foreign affairs correspondent wendell goler reports, the brutal crackdown in syria continues unabated. faced with a spike in violence and diplomatic effort, saturday, the u.s. today
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closed its embassy in damascus and recalled the ambassador and 17 other divisions. >> our concern is the situation in and around damascus is becoming increasingly violent, reflecting the fact that the regime is increasingly losing control of the situation. >> the security council resolution an arab league plan for syrian leader assad to step down, but vetoed by russia and china and secretary of state clinton reacted bitterly. >> faced with annuitiered a security council, we have to redouble our efforts outside of the united nations. >> clinton suggested russia and china will eventually have to answer to the serioyrian peoe for prolonging their pain and intervene like we did in libya. >> i said at the time in libya, we would be making these decisions on a case by case basis, based on how unified the international community was, what our capacities were.
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>> it was the libyan experience, that ultimately use today j justify military action and they blamed the opposition for the violence there. >> the opposition, especially its representatives who are outside syria, give persistent advice not to reach dialog and compromise with the assad regime. >> syria is russia's most important ally and provides east of the he mediterranean. the president reached out in the administration and secretary clinton said they saw him-- and the ambassador to syria in five years before the arab spring erupted, and a bad time for even worse skigss decisions. >> going through the process trying to he rebihabilitate this tyrant. >> secretary of state clinton
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suggested the u.s. and other like-minded nations could join together to join the syrian opposition with humanitarian aid, and a civil war, if it's not already happening. >> wendell goler, thank you. president obama ordered new sanctions on iran and prospect of an israeli attack, is increasing the urgency to find a national solution. here is jennifer griffin at the pentagon. >> more iranian war games, as it continues. in washington, an attempt to lower the heat of the rhetoric and use nonmilitary means to pressure iran to give up its nuclear ambitions. >> we've gotten extensive planning over all of our various options in the gulf, and you know, we are prepared to exercise these options should they, should the need arise, but, my goal is to try
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to resolve this diplomatically, the only way over the long-term to assure that iran doesn't get a nuclear weapon is by getting them to understand it's not in their interest. >> president obama signed an executive order on sunday, tightening sanctions, freezing iranian assets in the united states, and laying the groundwork for important sanctions on iran's central bank. and meanwhile, israel's hard line minister was on capitol hill today to talk about iran and israel feels that washington does not feel the same urgency as they do. >> and those people will stop at nothing and once they have a clear weapon, we will be living in an i am possibly ugly and dangerous world. >> the white house pushed back on any notion there is a divide between washington and dell ave tel aviv. our level of cooperation with israel, militarily and intelligence matters have never been higher. he we made that point repeatedly because i think it,
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it demonstrates the-- this country's commitment to israel's security. >> admiral william fallon lost his job as the head of central command when he questioned the wisdom of striking iran in an interview with esquire magazine at the end of the bush administration. >> and what happens, step two, step three, step four, where does this go, what are the outcomes, what do you think. >> israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu reportedly told his cabinet today to quit the quote, chitchat about iran after the defense minister warned those who want to wait may find later it's too late. bret. >> bret: jennifer griffin live at the pentagon. jennifer, thank you. ♪ >> in america's election headquarters, republicans are preparing for a primary and a pair of caucuses tuesday. while digesting the final
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results from saturday's meetings in nevadnevada. one of the caucus states is colorado. alicia acuna reports. >> this election, however, is about more than just he replacing president obama. it's about the very soul of america. >> mitt romney is in colorado, fresh off a resounding victory in nevada with more than double the number of votes garnered by newt gingrich who came in second and ron paul and rick santorum trailing afterwards. after the delegates were divided up. the total 101 for romney. 32 for gingrich, 17 for santorum and 9 for paul. there are another 76 at stake tomorrow, but keep in mind the total of 1144 are needed to win the nomination. so there's still a very long way to go. >> the number one difference between me and the other candidates is the scale of change. >> in gingrich's first campaign visit to a state romney once in the caucus, he
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said he spent time rethinking the campaign and argued his time in the nation's capital doesn't make him an insider, but a competitor ready to lead the party. >> i think we've really got to set the stage to have a campaign this fall, which we have a team running, so that we can win the senate, we can win the house and we can start doing things from day one. >> the contest being held tomorrow in california, missouri and minnesota are nonbinding, meaning results aren't finalize until down the road. they can show momentum for one or multiple winners and either way, tuesday is the last big night until arizona's primary in thee weeks, a lifetime in politics. >> in a new washington post abc news poll out today. among all adults nationwide. in the head to head matchup. romney trails president obama, but when it comes to the party rivals, leading gingrich by 14 points, with rick santorum and
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ron paul farther behind. the real clear politics average of recent national polls, shows a much smaller gap between romney and gingrich, so romney still leads. >> and ultimately we learned former speaker gingrich is giving up a legal battle for a spot on virginia's ballot. and the camp did not turn in the 10,000 needed signatures and challenging the rules. the a rule for a write in, the legislature, would not affect the contest in march. >> bret: thank you. and tuesday's other caucus in minnesota and mike tobin, how the candidates are preparing. >> rick santorum, newt gingrich and ron paul are working the ground in minnesota, all looking for an opportunity to pull off a win or at least gather enough conservative support to make the statement that mitt romney is not running away with the republican nomination. >> and when they change it, i
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said, great and the idea that the challenger to mitt romney continues, well, and that mitt romney is the heir apparent. >> small numbers of minnesotaens are expected to brave the cold to participate in a nonbinding caucus. so the candidates are playing for republican voters who are motivated, and passionate and they hope eager to choose someone more conservative than romney. >> when you look at republican politics, it's tea partiers and the conservative populous, who have been gathering strength and in defeating the establishment republican candidates. >> ron paul is playing to a different crowd, tapping into minnesota's libertarian one that brought up jesse ventura, he's meeting with the the young vote,. >> ron paul like the other three candidates, look, where
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do i perform well? where is my opportunity to come out on top? >> the one republican not working the ground in minnesota in the final pre-caucus days is mitt romney. a choice that could be seen as surrendering a symbolic win that might not have gone his way regardless of effort. >> physically impossible to be in all the states all the times when they have to make some decisions about how they allocate their time and money. >> the symbolism of a win in minnesota still mattered, it means momentum to keep the candidate on the air and it motivates donors. in st. paul, mike tobin, fox news. >> we'll have live coverage of the colorado and caucuses and missouri's nonbinding primary tuesday night starting with special report. we'll talk about a couple of super bowl ads that are taking fire today. and that's later on the grapevine and later. the president's catholic problem.
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of >> one of the sub plots for the november election, whether catholics will continue to support president obama as they did in 2008. chief washington correspondent james rosen reports the ongoing controversy over the president's health care law and contraception mandate could be pivotal. >> there can be no doubt that religious liberty in our country is in jeopardy. this is the time to speak up. this is the time for all voices to be heard. >> a dire warning to the catholic faithful about president obama's recent ruling, part of his signature health care law, mandating that all employers must cover in cost the full cost of female contraception. >> churches, houses of worship are exempted from the policy and those institutions where women of all favorites, many faiths work need to have the same kind of coverage that all
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other americans have. >> and that means the majority of catholic-run colleges, hospitals and charities which employ tens of thousands of people are all faiths will not qualify for the administration exemption and will accordingly in one year's time be forced to pay for birth control pills, so-called morning after bills, plan b. sterilization proceedings in violation of catholic doctrine. if they refuse they'll face potentially ruinous fines. and a twitter posting, followed stronger medicine from the republican rivals. >> the obama administration has declared war on religious freedom in this country and people need to understand that. >> fox news religion correspondent lauren green, the president of catholic university framed the issue more charitybly. >> it's more a kind of lack of concern or appreciation for real religious concerns and values. >> writing in usa today, health and human services
3:16 pm
secretary kathleen sebelius says the rule strikes the right balance between reluscious belief and women's access to critical care. but in his editorial, usa today denounced it as a bad policy and places catholics in quote, an i am possibly awkward position. james rosen, fox news. >> bret: one of the president's strategies for reelection centers not on faith, but finances. chief national correspondent, jim angle has the first in a series of reports on income disparity. >> there is nothing subtle about the administration's case, the vast majority of americans, and over the last few decades, the rungs on the ladder of opportunity have grown farther and farther apart. the middle class has shrunk. >> suggesting everyone, but the rich is losing ground. but researchers say that isn't true. and one who supports mr. obama, and writes that the argument that mobilities are in decline are deceitful and
3:17 pm
dishonest. >> you routinely hear year after year, this is the first generation that's going to do worse than their parents, and i don't think that there's any data so far that supports that that's ever actually been true. >> there's no dispute that the wealthiest 1% of americans have enjoyed stung gains of income over recent decades and no evidence those gains came at the expense of the middle class. >> global is not as high as it ought to be and i would make that argument myself. but what the bulk of the evidence shows is that it is not declining. >> never the less, the administration insists. >> having been born to poor parents, makes it harder to climb the the ladder of economic success. >> much of the research, however, flatley contradicts that. >> if you're born in the lower 20%, the likelihood is you're not going to end up in the lower 20%. >> the chances of starting out at the bottom and ending up in the middle class, 55%. >> a pew foundation study
3:18 pm
looked at more than three decades and found than over any ten years period, americans are much more likely to experience a large incane gain than a large income drap and one study after another show people are constantly moving up and down the income ladder much like an escalator, with some going up and some down. and the american enterprise institute looked at reserve date it 2001-2007 showing 44% of those in the lowest 20% of incomes moved up to higher income. while 34% of those in the highest 20% moved down. other studies find the same. >> we're not in a system where people are fixed in a certain category of income. people move all the time. the distance between the bottom and top is huge to be sure, but millions in the lower end have always been able to move up, no matter how well the rich were doing. in washington, jim angle, fox news. >> and the series will continue. and greece's coalition government has given in to demands that it cut about 15,000 civil service jobs this
3:19 pm
year. and the country's bailout creditors have been pushing for that move. unions have called for a 24 hour general strike tuesday. and the protests the latest austerity measures. wall street began the week here in the u.s. on a down note. the dow lost 17 and the s&p 500 was off a half point and the nasdaq fell four. rick perry breaks his silence, but first, considering a very quick way to get egypt's attention. are you still sleeping? just wanted to check and make sure that we were on schedule. the first technology of its kind... mom and dad, i have great news. is now providing answers families need. siemens. answers.
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>> in world headlines, britain's queen elizabeth ii today marked 60 years on the throne and the queen was greeted by well wishers in the town of king's glenn.
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elizabeth has been queen since 1952. palestinian president mahmoud abbas, agreed to lead an interim unity government as part of a deal brokered, and the toward reconciliation toward hamas. israel is condemning this move saying it cannot make moves with hamas. and american aid to egypt may be in jeopardy tonight. chief correspondent mike and manual is here. >> bret. good morning. cutting off the funds to gipt 1.3 billion dollars to the military may be the quickest way to get the attention of the military led government. for now 19 americans facing trial on criminal charges in egypt, just warning. >> these actions can have consequences for our relationship, including with regard to our assistance program. that's not what we want. we need to resolve this issue
3:24 pm
now. >> reporter: and sam lahood, son of ray lahood, transportation secretary, is one of those being prosecuted. the international public institute or iri, has been at work, and said corruption in the the egyptian court and continued assault on american, german and egyptian civil society is not a legitimate judicial process, it's a politically motivated effort to squash egypt's growing civil owe site group and orchestrated through the court in part by the mubarak holdover. that refers to the judges who served under long time egyptian dictator mubarak. and the they've had a problem dealing with its own people. in cairo, the fifth day in a he row clashes between police and protesters, and police threw rocks-- people threw rocks while people fired tear gas in response. and out on the campaign trail, newt gingrich compared the prosecution in egypt to a foreign policy disaster for a previous democrat in the white
3:25 pm
house. >> this remind me exactly of jimmy carter and the iranian hostage and you have the obama iranian hostage crisis to resemble the carter hostage crisis. >> and the u.s. officials continue to insist the ngo workers were doing nothing wrong, just working to support democracy. bret. >> bret: and mike, thank you. fallout from a couple of controversial super bowl ads, that's next in the grapevine, and the state capital in illinois, springfield wants its money back from president obama. [ male announcer ] lately, there's been a seismic shift
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>> and now some fresh picking in the political grapevine. one of the ads that had most attention was clint eastwood and chrysler, the premise it's time for the country to make an economic comeback. >> we're altogether for this big game. the people of detroit know something about that. they almost lost everything. but we all pulled together and now, motor city is fighting again. >> bret: today, a chrysler spokesman acknowledged that part of that ad were actually shot in los angeles and new orleans and that the only detroit scenes were actually previously filmed. nothing new for this ad. another super bowl spot which aired in michigan, is also taking heat. michigan republican candidate
3:30 pm
pete hoekstra ran this ad in an attempt to paint democratic debby stabenow as a big spending. >> and thank you, michigan senator debby spend it now. americans spend more money to buy more and more for less. and your economy gets weak, yours take ours take jobs. and thank you, debby spent it now. to the pacific islander american vote group, it's disturbing that mr. hoekstra's campaign thought to use negative stereo types that encourage anti-asian sentiment. even republican consultant murphy tweeted the ad was really, really dumb and oak extra maintained, it was care. >> we have a growth rate at 2% and china is coming off the 9%
3:31 pm
growth rate and this ad hurts the democrat where it hurts. and debt, whether referring to personal or national debt and the president is often the center of the debt discussion. it turns out he has some debt of his own. a chicago tv station reports the city of springfield, illinois, is still waiting for a $55,000 reimbursement for police overtime during a campaign event for then candidate obama in august of 2008. the city officials say they've contacted the obama campaign, the democratic party, the secret service, and even the president himself. and meanwhile, the cash trapped state capital is still out 55 grand. >> texas governor rick perry will make his first public appearance since abandoning his run for the presidency a little later this evening. and correspondent shannon bream went down to austin to talk with governor perry and found a man with few regrets. >> i declare to you today as a candidate as president of the united states. >> he record into the race
3:32 pm
with the g.o.p. nomination last august, in less than a month, texas governor rick perry was atop the pack of the nearest competitor mitt romney. and took their toll debeats in iowa and new hampshire, he opted out and endorsed newt gingrich. >> a the lot of things i wouldn't have done different, but looking back, we would have got in the race substantially. >> and perry submits to a number of legal battles with the state's tough abortion law and latest round of redistricting and here in his home state faces an approval rating lower than president obama. >> i don't govern by polls. i didn't lower the polls before. >> first lady anita perry says she misses the campaign a great deal, but not the attacks on her husband. they settled back into life in austin where they lived for two decades and the gosh says he still does groernry
3:33 pm
shopping. >> not near enough. but he's got a to-do list, and that's like-- both say they're open to another presidential campaign, but would tackle the next one different. >> prepare better, and more debate prep and six weeks, but i'd do it all over again. >> in the meantime, perry says he's engaged in the national political conversation and tonight he'll give the first speech since dropping out of the race and addressing not only issues he's working on in texas, but taking president obama's policies head on. >> i haven't left the fight. i went home and rearmed and reloaded my mag and i'm going to be fighting on a different front. although perry is no longer on the xap trail, he says his ideas still are. for instance, pointing the conversation about the so-called war on religion, at the texas state capitol, shannon bream, fox news. >> bret: a federal judge in texas ordering all sides to keep talking for the redistricting lawsuit. there had been an agreement
3:34 pm
among several minority groups to a plan that would put two new seats, and the court has said the deal is not done today. the state's april he 3rd primary will be delayed. a federal judge says a man charged with shooting congresswoman gabrielle giffords and others, must remain in prison more months and forcibly medicated. lawmakers says he's not competent to stand trial, but making progress. he's suffering from schizophrenia. we're discussing around syria. join us after the break. and i took nyquil, but i'm still stubbed up. [ male announcer ] sorry buddy. truth is, nyquil doesn't un-stuff your nose. what? it doesn't have a decongestant. really? [ male announcer ] you need a more complete cold and flu formula, like alka-seltzer plus liquid gels. it's specially formulated
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i find investments with e-trade's top 5 lists and use pre-defined screeners to work smarter. not harder. i depend on myself to take charge of my financial future. [ bell dinging ] >> you'll see more and more people recognizing that they need to turn a chapter and the
3:38 pm
regime is feeling the noose tightening around it. it's not a matter of if shall it's a matter of when. >> we have conclude that had we need to suspend operations at the embassy in damascus in light of the fact that we have security concerns about the safety of our personnel. >> this was a decision, i think, over time russia, china will come to regret. it was short-sighted and they are the ones that are isolated now along with the assad regime. >> and the u.s. ambassador to the united nations talking about a failed effort by china and russia, and calling for assad to step down. and this as the u.s. closed the embassy in damascus, bringing back the ambassador and recalling the ambassador and 17 other officials as the carnage, really, continues on the ground in syria. what about this and the situation in egypt? let's bring in our panel. steve hayes for the weekly standard. mara liasson, and national public radio, and syndicated
3:39 pm
columnist charles krauthammer. charles, you wrote a column on this. the administration, after failing with the security council resolution, has called for assad to step down, and what about the next steps here? >> well, what is interesting is that we finally called the russia and chinese, they had been protecting syria and we sort of, we forced them into vetoing the resolution although we had watered it down it a tremendous extent, the resolution that the russians and chinese rejected is one where we condition seed, not even required-- not even requiring a environment and... the russians refused because they objected to the cause that asks for the syrian army to retu return-- >> and they endorsed, but in
3:40 pm
the the ebbed the obama administration drew the line, thank god to that. at this point the russians are -- i can that the one thing we've heard encouraging from the secretary of state talking about working without relying on the u.n., the way her husband did the in balkans, where the entire oranges was carried out without u.n. approval under n.a.t.o. and here we have all of europe against assad. turkey against assad and arabs against assad and that's a strong coalition. i think what we need to do is to find out, a, military aid. she spoke-- secretary of state spoke only of humanitarian aid. to turkey and the rebels in syria, that's the only hone that at least a fight and some people can win. >> bret: secretary clinton called the security council, faced with a new security council and the president over the weekend essentially made
3:41 pm
clear that the u.s. is not getting involved militarily, saying that this is a case by case basis and it's not libya. >> so far it isn't libya, i thought it might end up being lib ka ab i think it does east late russia and chinese and arab league offered the resolution, i think over time if there's a rebel army for something that says, aprks approximates it. unless this pressure is enough to get rid of assad. >> i think you look at the way the administration approaches it, that they have been committed to the libyan model as relates to multi-laterals and the u.n. they have not been committed to a libyan model as relates to the moral argument. you heard the prz when he called for n.a.t.o. strikes in libya, saying we can't stand by, this is not the united states, we can't stand by, and
3:42 pm
the daily tolls, the day before the president made that announcement, made the announcement u.n. not going to be involved. and the death toll here 7,000 and a president back then saying he would have had a betrayal of who we are, pan the president refused to wait for the images of slaughter and massacre, and worth taking action. so, he's i think, caught in his own moral argument back then and not applying to the situation today. >> bret: what about the situation with russia and china, the fact that you can't get them to move even on, as charges mentioned, a watered down dtdz. >> and this is why the broader administration, once she makes the comments that she does and it's unclear yet. i think if you want to point to one thing the obama administration foreign policy from beginning to end, it's the faith that the united states, and president obama engaged in, called change the nature of certain things.
3:43 pm
i think they made that mistake with russia and made the mistake with the iranians and we found out the syrians, too, january 25th and we sent a letter from the beginning of the arab spring and the turmoil we saw, we sent ambassador to syria to present papers to assad. >> bret: okay, let's move on to egypt. there's a threat to pull aid to egypt as 19 americans now are facing charges in egypt, including the son of the secretary of transportation, ray lahood. they're essentially being held and they're ngo workers on the ground. take a look. >> was deeply disturbed by the crackdown against ngo in egypt, including the filing of charges against americans, these actions could have consequences for our relationship, including the program to be taken very seriously. >> this reminds me he of jimmy
3:44 pm
carter and the hostage crisis and does president obama have a hostage to rival the crisis. i'd do a lot more than that. >> right now i'd do a lot, if we cut off all the of-- that means that we have no way to influence a government reading to the military government which is now completely incompetent. it doesn't know how to run a dictatorship and of course, it's beholdened to the brotherhood of the islamists and three quarters of the peace. and in the end, it's the military collapse, and we all of our eggs are in the basket of the yur ban-- or out to the street and demonstrator. the problem is they're a weak minority not only 10% of the vote. so i think what we have to do is cut off perhaps some of the aid and put pressure on the
3:45 pm
regime, but we have to maintain some leverage otherwise we could end up with the situation with the military is completely he eliminated and this is a government by the brotherhood of muslim. brotherhood to the slislam and to theees and in jeopardy. >> bret: mara. >> i think that we do have leverage in egypt and the military government does not have popular support and i think they would be open to understanding that if they didn't treat these people fairly or release them, that they would lose some of their aid. i don't he see how they hang on to those, u.s. military-- >> steve, you look at the situation in egypt, syria and iran with the possibility of israel acting, i mean, there are not a lot of bright spots, currently, in the middle east? >> no, i mean, there's a tremendous-- i think this, working to something, the united states election was going to be one conducted on only the economy.
3:46 pm
it's a flawed one and i think the issues, syria likely to play a big role in the 2012 presidential year. >> bret: next up, the 2012 campaign. laces? really? slip-on's the way to go. more people do that, security would be like -- there's no charge for the bag. thanks. i know a quiet little place where we can get some work done. there's a three-prong plug. i have club passes. [ male announcer ] now there's a mileage card that offers special perks on united, like a free checked bag, united club passes, and priority boarding. thanks. ♪ okay. what's your secret? ♪ [ male announcer ] the new united mileageplus explorer card. get it and you're in.
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>> (cheers) >> you know, this is not the first time you gave me your vote of confidence and this time i'm going to take it to the white house. >> and here in minnesota tomorrow, and going to have a huge impact. the there's an inevitability to obama light on health care means the republican nomination. >> we believe we have four caucus states and we believe
3:50 pm
our numbers are doing good and we'll wait and see and continue doing what we're doing. >> and my goal is with governor perry's help and others to basically give a tide of delegates by the time come out of texas. >> tomorrow, we have three contests and two caucuses, minnesota colorado and nonbinding primary in missouri. looking back over the weekend on saturday, nevada caucuses and these are the final numbers and didn't get them to this morning, believe it or not. mitt romney, gingrich paul and santorum. and the percentage. now, the delegate count how it stands right now, after nevada and this is also including super delegates and basically they pledge their allegiance to a candidate and this talks that into account. needed 1144 for the nomination, so far about 7% allocated, 93% left on the table. so a long way to go. if all of these candidates continue to battle.
3:51 pm
now, this has been the big discussion, republican turnout. just a take a second and look at this. these are the states so far and you can see a big turnout plus in south carolina. but overall, the turnout, as you see the bottom number, the raw vote total of 2008, 2012. down 4.3% and some of the states like nevada down significantly. with all of that data, we're back, and i think the turnout numbers are significant. and you want to look at this. most important two states in terms of the general elections that you just shared there, florida down, and nevada down, 25.8% and smaller number in nevada and smaller number of total of votes and those the problem. those are swing states, republicans are going to need to win and do well if they're competitive and south carolina, where there's a surge, up 35%, and if the republicans don't win south carolina, this is the landslide of 1984, and so, in the states where republicans use today do better, needed to
3:52 pm
have an energized election, they're not doing that thus far. interesting to see what the turnout numbers are, in minnesota, colorado and missouri and like the competitive states that will do this to service to determine the outcome of the election in fall. >> just so everyone knows the nonbinding part of missouri is the delegates, essentially a straw poll, a primary that's a straw poll that doesn't really have delegates tied to it. they get a portion tied to it later on, in the week they're explaining it, but, there'll be these caucuses at minnesota and colorado. >> colorado is particularly one of the obama campaign top targets for putting together the amount they need. look, i think the turnout numbers are eye popping. this is the year when republicans were supposed to have a huge enthusiasm gap over democrats and in 2008 they were despirited and demoralized and here the turnout is down. florida in particular, which is a really important state. big battle ground state.
3:53 pm
it suggests that the negativity of the race might have depressed the turnout. the romney campaign spent 15 million dollars on ad only one was positive, the spanish language radio ad. and i don't know if that's a good sign. >> and the polling out there in the three states tomorrow. first missouri, there is he' only very few polls, in fact. tpt is the only poll that we look at. and here is missouri that's down and newt gingrich a slight lead over rick santorum and the key, newt gingrich isn't on the ballot in missouri and that's an interesting development. and then you have minnesota and santorum doing well there, 29% and 27% seem pretty close across the board in colorado and romney with an a sizable lead, santorum second and gingrich third. there's no real clear politics average, there wasn't a lot of
3:54 pm
polling and tpt was pretty close in the nevada polling ahead of the caucuses, charles. >> if you see in missouri santorum will pick up votes because of the gingrich percentage and he's not on the ballot, that gives santorum a real shot at a significant win in missouri. now, as you say there are no delegates at stake, but it's a big state, a microcosm of the country and i think it would be the santorum claim, i'm the anti-romney, i'm the real one who can do it. >> i think that tuesday is one shot at becoming and changing the story of this campaign. if he does, minnesota and colorado and beat gingrich in both and comes down ahead of romney in missouri. i think he makes the case that newt isn't the one, i'm the one who can go head to head, a true conservative. the one who has the record shown here he can do it. now, he doesn't have a lot of money. i'm not sure how he makes it, but if there's going to be a change in the story it will happen here and a word on the
3:55 pm
turnout. i think this is a real argument for gingrich's staument. the only statement that turned out enough to say-- every state where mitt won or tied, the turnout is died and that's a real statement about it. >> bret: ron paul was trying to organize these caucus states and historically has done better in caucus states although nevada had to be a disappointment for them to come in third there. steve. santorum is noting that the romney campaign is out attacking and sending surrogates out to attack santorum and they say it's a signal. >> it's a nal. i don't think there's any question about you it's a nal. if you look at the polls, and doing well in minnesota, the romney campaign tonight want santorum to come out of tuesday with, you know, a win, a win in missouri, a win potentially in minnesota, a good showing in colorado and the narrative, it flips yet
3:56 pm
again. and newt gingrich has been struggling i think the past couple of weeks and rick santorum has been doing well and getting pushes from people like rush limbaugh, and-- >> and that's it for the panel. stay tuned to see one effort to show off detroit's latest products. [ male announcer ] drinking a smoothie with no vegetable nutrition? ♪ [ gong ] strawberry banana! [ male announcer ] for a smoothie with real fruit plus veggie nutrition new v8 v-fusion smoothie. could've had a v8. i took some steep risks in my teens. i'd never ride without one now. and since my doctor prescribed lipitor, i won't go without it for my high cholesterol and my risk of heart attack. why kid myself? diet and exercise weren't lowering my cholesterol enough. now i'm eating healthier, exercising more, taking lipitor.
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>> bret: finally tonight, last week president obama stopped by washington's auto show to tout the industry's come back. he even got behind the wheel of a if you new model. most of the shots were routine. smiling, thumbs up. according to one, the press pool caught having a little trouble. >> this is a stick, man. [engine revving] >> bret: thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. that's it for "special


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